Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi’s ex-wife Hiba Abouk failed to acquire half of his fortune ..


The ex-wife of Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi, was unable to claim half of his wealth as he reportedly does not have any assets or money in his name, according to Spanish daily Marca.

Abouk requested half of Hakimi’s assets and fortune during their divorce proceedings, but was informed that his mother owns everything and is even the beneficiary of his salary.

The widely circulated Spanish sports newspaper, Marca, said that Heba Abouk suffered an “unexpected setback” in her divorce from Ashraf Hakimi, which the news outlet described as “the most famous separation of this year,” noting that the ex-wife “will not get part of her ex-husband’s wealth.”

The same source highlighted that although Hakimi is one of the highest-paid football players in the French League, none of this wealth was registered in his name, as the beneficiary of his salary and inheritance is his mother.

The sports newspaper confirmed that several years ago, Hakimi’s mother received his salary instead of him, which means more than one million euros that the Moroccan international receives per month from the French team, Paris Saint-Germain, that goes directly to his mother’s bank account.

On the 27th of last March, the Tunisian actress announced her separation from Hakimi, trying through a statement to confirm that “the decision to separate was agreed upon between them a long time ago,” and denied his association with the incident of accusing a 24-year-old girl of Hakimi of rape, while stressing that she “ She always stands with the victims of rape.”



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